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Vortex Vegies has expanded . We have taken on another 3 acres that will come into production early autumn 2014.


The Vortex Vegies Story

Vortex Vegies is a 16 acre certified Australian Demeter Biodynamic market garden, run by Darren Aitken, in Inverleigh, Victoria. We started growing biodynamic vegetables in 1997, after finding Biodynamic Agriculture Introductory Lectures – Vol 1, by Alex Podolinsky, in a second hand book shop.

The main motivation for growing Biodynamic produce was to provide healthy food for our young family. We extended the vegie patch and then sold the excess on a small roadside stall. Our interest in providing Demeter Biodynamic produce to others grew and in 1999 we acquired an acre of land, an old tractor and some machinery and started our real journey in Biodynamic vegetable production. We became Demeter certified by the Biodynamic Research Institute in 2000. Demand had always exceeded supply so in early 2009 we purchased a further 5 acres, a rundown horse paddock, and after bringing the soil back to life with Biodynamic management techniques (see DVD in Education) and gaining Australian Demeter Biodynamic certification for the land,  we started production in the spring of 2010. In 2014 the original one acre had greenhouses constructed on it, to extend the season and expand the lines we grow. In 2013 we leased the adjoining 5 acres and in 2016 another adjoining 5 acres. Vortex Vegies now produce high quality seasonal vegetables all year round and sell to Biodynamic Marketing for distribution.

We have consciously remained a manageable size operation so as to remain hands on in all areas of production and to maintain the integrity and quality of our produce.

Vortex Vegies