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Bio Dynamics

In 1924 Rudolph Steiner gave a series of lectures on Agriculture in which the impulses for Biodynamic Agriculture were imparted.  This renewal for agriculture was centred on a series of biological soil and plant activators that came to be known as Biodynamic Preparations 500 – 507.
Most importantly the plant is to be fed via the soil humus (developed using high quality Biodynamic preparations and farming methods) and not via the soil water (as with artificial and organic water soluble fertilisers).The plant is to be viewed in its overall environment and the influences on the plant of soil, water, sun, light, warmth and the cosmos (moon, planets and stars) are to be consciously considered.

Alex Podolinsky migrated to Australia from Europe and in the early 1950’s set about making quality biodynamic preparations and developing the biodynamic farming method. In 1953 the Biodynamic Agricultural Association of Australia (BDAAA) was formed.
Alex and the farmers of the BDAAA took the original impulses from Steiner and have developed a total professional biodynamic farming method. Suitable for all applications in agriculture and horticulture, from small market gardens to large broad acre farms. The method is now practiced worldwide and known as The Australian Demeter Biodynamic Method.

For the full story see demeter.org.au

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